The Early Start

This is a comprehensive series of consultations designed for students who begin their work with me before the spring of their junior year of high school. Fall of the 11th grade is, for example, a good time for students and their families to begin formal consideration of the college search process, while others find the summer between grades 10 and 11 the ideal time. Some 10th grade (or younger) students can also benefit from this Early Start, especially those with questions about course choices, test scores, and commitments to out-of-school activities. Consultations usually include all of the consultation topics.

The Spring Start for Juniors

This comprehensive series of consultations is designed for students who choose to begin consultations during the spring of the 11th grade. The topics include most of those that compose the Early Start, but topics are modified to suit circumstances. Consultations usually include all of the consultation topics.

The Senior Year Plan

For students who wait until after their junior year to begin, but who like the flexibility of an open-ended package, the Senior Year Plan is available. This series of consultations is necessarily adjusted to respond to the calendar and approaching deadlines. Typically, many of the same topics are covered as in other packages, but not all are covered in the same detail. The first few consultations help determine direction and priorities; then we proceed through the process in the most effective manner.

Stand-alone Consultations

Some students need very specific assistance with particular components of the process. Stand-alone consultations are available on the topics listed in the consultations section, and are priced per session, each lasting at least 50 minutes. Some topics require more than a single session. Developing a list of target colleges, for example, usually requires several conversations on that one topic, and good essays seldom appear during a single visit.

Parents may want to consider some consultations where the student is not present. It may be important to discuss some aspect of family finances, or get a detailed introduction to financial aid and the parents' role in completing the necessary paperwork. There may be other elements of family dynamics that require special consideration.

Consultations for Transfer Students

It is not unusual for students to move from one college to another. Sometimes dictated by new ambitions, changes in circumstances, or situations that just didn't work out, questions about transferring are common. I am available to work with you through this process, too. For many students trying to make the current situation work is the best solution, but for others, there's the process of searching for alternatives, meeting any minimum expectations, and completing applications. Consultations are available at any stage of this process.

Group Presentations

I am also available to make general presentations about the college search and application process. These presentations can be modified in length and content to meet the needs of various audiences. Presentations on specific topics may be arranged.

Sample Topics:

  • The Role of Parents in College Admission
  • Preparing Students for Success in College
  • Getting Into College: An Introduction to the Process
  • Achievement, Talent, Grades, Test Scores:
  • How Colleges Measure Applicants